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Returning Home…

Recently, I received this testimonial from a client who came for a Sacred Path Card reading.

“I sat out back tonight wondering how I got here. Two months ago I was given a session with Kathleen by a friend. I went to my session with an open mind and an open heart. I needed a change, both in job and in my personal life. Both were going nowhere. Immediately after my reading, which was powerful and motivating, I went on a journey that led me to an amazing new job, and I’m living in a beautiful house on a golf course in Washington state, a place I’ve wanted to come back to for years.

How did I know this was my path? I found every one of the cards from my session along the way. Each one showed itself to me at the time I needed to see it. The opportunities in life keep coming back to me every day. In a whirlwind of six weeks I have been transformed – gave up nearly all of my possessions, both physical and emotional, and I now experience the calm presence that I was looking for in my life.

I have so much gratitude for Kathleen and for my friend who paid it forward to me, and the line of friends who paid it forward before her. What was started by someone long ago has turned into an amazing storyline of transformation in many lives. Take the time to be present, sit with Kathleen, and discover how to take back your life!”

–Will K., Vancouver, Washington

Thanks, Will.  I love your testimonial.

What was interesting about Will’s reading was that one of the card’s Will pulled was the “Shawl” card. I told him it was about ‘returning home.’  Often it means that one needs to let go of ego (fear related) and return home to the place of the heart (love and trust).  I told him, however, it can mean different things to each person.

Will sat there for a moment, just staring at this card…He told me it reminded him of Washington.



And then, he told me about the opportunity for a job interview in Washington state…almost 3,000 miles away…a place he has been wanting to return to.

Without disclosing the whole reading, Will went for the interview, got offered the job and while he was in Washington, he went hiking and sent me this picture…


Coincidence?  I think not.

Will was open and ready.  He trusted me and the Sacred Path Cards which are a great tool for guidance and self discovery.  They help us get in touch with the answers that are within us.

Congratulations, Will, for staying on the Sacred Path!

And thank you, to Tina, who started ‘paying this forward’!

Love, Kathleen

NOTE: Kathleen McGinley, aka “Machi,” channels Spirit using the Sacred Path Cards deck by Jamie Sams. She offers “Sacred Path Card readings” for individuals who are seeking guidance in any area of their lives. Click here for more information.

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