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Wednesday Wisdom

What needs to be purified?

The Sacred Path Card that was chosen for this week’s Wednesday Wisdom is the “Sweat Lodge” card. The purpose of the Sweat Lodge is to purify our body, mind and spirit.  The Native Americans feel that our spirits can pick up “rust” when experiences in our lives run amok. For centuries, we have been taught to hate or be suspicious of others who are different than we are. If they look, act or believe differently, they are a threat to us.  But the knowing systems of the Native Americans are different. Beliefs can be changed but to “know” is a gift that is part of our total Self. Beliefs can be filled with misconceptions or opinions, creating impurities.  Often people believe simply because someone else said it was so.  This is a time to re-visit your beliefs to determine if they are your own.

To enter the Sweat Lodge requires participants to purify themselves prior to the ritual. Smudging with sage smoke helps to let go of the ‘rust’ so they can contribute in a positive fashion.

The Sweat Lodge is made from Willow trees, the tree of love, and is circular.  It bends with grace and is does not break easily. The door is low so one who enters is reminded to be humble because we are no better than or less than other life-forms. Egos are left at the door.

The fire pit inside the Sweat Lodge is heated with the Stone People. When water is poured over, the steam is released. Through this steam are ancient lessons offered by the Oldest Children of the Earth, the Stone People. Prayers and songs honor the Four Directions and fill the spirit as purification occurs.

Watch this video for the application of this card:


It is time to cleanse negative thoughts and attitudes.  Focus on what you want as opposed to what you don’t want. Our thoughts create our realities.  Decide what you need to purify…body? mind? emotions? attitude? spirit?

Remember that humility and purification always make way for new life-force to enter.  When your ‘rust’ is removed, get ready to shine and contribute your talents to help make this world a better place.



Source: Jamie Sams, author of Sacred Path Cards: The Discovery of Self through Native Teachings, Harper San Francisco, 1990.
NOTE: Kathleen McGinley channels Spirit using the Sacred Path Cards deck by Jamie Sams.

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