Soul Awakening Retreats

group HawaiiHow would you like to take a break from the ordinary and go on an inspirational and empowering retreat that takes you ‘into the moment’ and awakens your soul?

Here’s the perfect soul-ution!

You need to experience Kathleen’s transformational retreats! These retreats not only get you to appreciate the beauty of the exotic destination, but also your own!

When Kathleen McGinley lived in Pennsylvania, she founded Phoenix Adventures in Wellness in 2005 and facilitated several retreats.   They included various destinations such as Hawaii, Utah, California, Peru, and Pennsylvania. Each retreat helped every woman step into her truth with “Phoenix Fusion,” Kathleen’s proven method for healing and reawakening one’s spirit.  Upon moving to Lewes, Delaware, Kathleen has now incorporated these transformational retreats as part of her shamanic life coaching business, Heart Rock Healing.

Why should one go on a retreat?

What better way to slow down and connect with your true essence and potential than travel! Travel, in itself, is transforming. But not only are you away from the busy pace of everyday living but you are nurtured in a loving, supportive atmosphere that allows your heart to open fully to your authentic self.

Allison UtahExperience is the best teacher and a retreat allows you to experience your relationship to all things.  Kathleen provides fun, experiential activities in nature that have you examine your relationship with your Self, others, and Spirit. Her connection to Spirit and her allies in nature give her confidence and clarity when imparting her wisdom as she addresses each woman’s needs.

Kathleen McGinley is gifted in her ability to organize retreats as she designs your perfect adventures based on intentions. Various soul awakening retreats are created for women who desire:

  • peace, healing, and support as they go through life transitions (relationships, jobs, etc)
  • personal freedom with new adventures
  • power to feel significant and live according to their truth
  • passion, connection and unconditional love
  • purpose in life, discovering their unique gifts to be of service

Soul awakening retreats are offered for individuals and groups who are interested in attaining self-knowledge and self-enlightenment while in community. Each retreat will engage you in an experience that will not only be fun, but will:

• help you remove obstacles that prohibit you from moving forward
• deepen your relationship with Self
• nurture your soul
• allow you to feel supported and encouraged by others
• help you create a deeper spiritual connection
• enhance your ability to commune with nature
• plan all the details of a vacation getaway for you!

Retreats can take place from one day to ten days, depending on location and purpose.
You will discover that… your experience will be PRICELESS!


Women’s Weekend Retreat: Embracing Change with Nature’s Guidance, October 27-29, 2017, Highlands, NJ

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