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Creating Healthy Communities

 with Team Building

I never, in all the years, experienced so many women having so much fun and laughing…laughing…laughing…”-Sanda W., Macungie, PA


Would you like to bring your group or organization into alignment for success?

Are you looking for an opportunity to empower your team/organization while they have fun at the same time?

Do you want to have a unique, playful experience that can help create a healthy, conscious and inclusive community?

Kathleen McGinley, an Adventure-based counselor and wellness life strategies coach, will facilitate a team building experience that participants will talk about for days!  She will help create a consciousness within the organization by incorporating gentle and fun activities that engage participants in mind, body and spirit!  Experiential learning activities which promote trust, self awareness, communication and collaboration are customized to meet the goals of the group.

836This program is highly beneficial to students, staffs or any members of a group or organization!  It is stimulating, empowering, and a fun way to help create community as well as personal growth.  Critical thinking and decision making will be experienced as the participants engage in problem solving activities that challenge the whole person.  Creating a consciousness in how they relate to themselves and others is the ultimate objective. Upon debriefing, the individuals will be able to recognize and apply the skills that need to be developed in order to create and maintain satisfying relationships in real life situations.

Kathleen has helped numerous high schools, colleges, sororities, churches, and other organizations create healthy relationships through her playful experiential activities. By the end of the workshop, participants develop new insights as to how they can contribute to the success of the organization.


“Yesterday I participated in an event with Kathleen that helped me see what teamwork is. If you work for a forward thinking company, you need to contact Kathleen McGinley and bring her to your supervisors. I promise that she will bring the insight that you need for continued business success.” -Dina V., Slatington, PA

(Above) Kathleen facilitated several in-services for teachers in the Allentown School District in Pennsylvania with the objective of deepening connections, enhanced communication and creating collaboration.

In addition, Kathleen offers ‘getting to know you’ activities, ice breakers, and problem solving activities as a fun way of creating connections for new groups as well as a creative way of celebrating occasions.

Who says change can’t be FUN?

Some of the benefits of team building activities for groups/organizations include:

  • camaraderie
  • collaboration
  • improved communication
  • self worth
  • improved staff morale
  • less conflict
  • clarity of vision, mission and values
  • inclusivity

With each group, the definition of a team is emphasized in that they share a common mission as well as shared accountability.  The experiential activities help individuals establish relationships with each other that foster appropriate and effective communication within the group. The individuals examine their leadership styles, becoming aware of their style of relating. And here’s the good news…It’s so much FUN!  Who ever thought that play could create such amazing transformation!

Some of the personal benefits that can be attained include:

  • self worth
  • self reliance
  • self acceptance
  • establishing trust
  • empowerment
  • enhanced relationship skills
  • better decision making
  • feeling supported/respected
  • self love
  • leadership skills

(Above) Kathleen debriefs this group of over fifty participants after they engage in the experiential learning activities.


“Kathy is masterful at creating a sense of spaciousness that allowed the participants in our group to come together in a dynamic and gentle way to experience growth and connection. I truly enjoyed my group’s adventure with Kathy”-Connie C., Lititz, PA

Kathleen McGinley completed an advanced training program as an Adventure-based counselor from Project Adventure, Inc, an organization which is a leader in experience-based learning programs.  Kathleen will facilitate workshops at your facility as well as at conferences. Cost is determined by length of workshop, number or participants, and travel expenses.

Contact Kathleen McGinley at 610-597-4767 or to set up a free consultation.

 “Coming together is a beginning.  Keeping together is progress.  Working together is success.”                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       -Henry Ford              

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