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Empowering Women for Today’s Challenges


This retreat is postponed due to an unexpected conflict!  

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September 8-10, 2017

in Millsboro, Delaware (near Rehoboth Beach)




HUGS for Harmony is a transformational, four-part program for women who are interested in stepping into their power by engaging in activities that promote self-healing while deepening their connection to others, nature, and Spirit through modern modalities and ancient shamanic practices. It is designed to bring like-minded women together for support and encouragement as each individual grows personally and spiritually, with the ultimate objective of attaining authenticity and fulfillment of purpose.

It has components of:


U—Universal Oneness




Are you being called?

Sometimes we experience challenges and crises in our lives that take us into the depth of our souls.  We can view these as problems and choose to remain as “victims” OR we can accept them as helping us evolve into more of who we are and who we came here to be.

This program is for any woman who has moved through a crisis or challenge and now feels a tug at her heart to step further into her power by engaging in self-examination and self-care. Through healing and empowering activities, group support, and a willingness to become the best version of yourself, this program allows you to see how your challenges are (or have been) opportunities for awakening your soul, thus leading you to your true self.

Creating a more meaningful life and fulfilling your purpose requires you to heal your past and connect with your truth as you deepen loving relationships with yourself and the Universe. By doing so, you will release fear, live authentically, discover your gifts, and receive clarity on how you can serve the world to make it a better place.

“HUGS” breakdown…H-U-G-S

“H”-Healing: (part one)  September 8-10, 2017

This part of the program will incorporate tools for self-care and healing in the areas of  physical, mental, emotional, social and spiritual health. Core issues, healing the past, and releasing limiting beliefs will be examined. Emphasis will be placed on creating a safe space for women in order to cultivate respectful relationships.

In order to discover your true essence and potential, it requires one to ‘remove the rust.’ Clearing the old “stories” and coming into alignment with yourself allows your path to become clear.


You will:

  • enhance your self-awareness by examining areas of your life that need more harmony 
  • identify the areas of self-care that need to be developed
  • identify core issues that need to be released
  • learn tools to help create a loving, nurturing relationship with all aspects of Self
  • set goals for yourself that will be held accountable by the group
  • engage in guided visualizations and other energetic methods for the promotion of healing
  • shift from a consciousness of fear and negativity to one of love and positivity
  • experience group activities to deepen healthy connections with yourself and others

(Information and registration for the September program can be found at the bottom of this page)


U–Universal Oneness: (part two) November 17-19, 2017

As the loving connection with Self is deepening, part two emphasizes creating harmony with others and recognizing that we are part of nature and nature is a part of us. There is no separation.

Shamanic practices, the most ancient of all healing methods, are taught and experienced to help connect participants to Mother Earth and the Spirit world. By doing so, you can receive continued healing and guidance from your Spirit guides and allies in nature.


You will:

  • experience activities that will deepen connection with others and Spirit
  • discover your “power animals”
  • learn how to read signs and messages from your allies in nature
  • engage in shamanic journeying, rituals and ceremonies for healing and guidance
  • learn how to increase your intuitive powers, interpret dreams and read oracle cards


G–Gifts: (part three) March 9-11, 2018

 Who are you really and what do you have to offer?

This program involves helping each other to discover and claim one’s passions, strengths, and gifts.  An understanding of how you see yourself vs how others see you will be reflected upon. A change in identity, appearance or attitudes may be called for at this time. Emphasis is placed on how to use these gifts as we face today’s challenges.



S–Service: (part four) May 18-20, 2018

What is it that you are being called to do?

Part four provides support for each woman as she steps into empowered action and leadership, using her gifts to help make a difference in the world. Whether it is something that is done “behind the scenes” or out in the open, volunteering or career related, is for you to decide. Emphasis will be placed on doing something that feeds your soul,uses your gifts, and helps make the world a better place.

Groups will be set up for masterminding to allow for feedback and encouragement.



Thus, the HUGS for Harmony program is for women who are willing to undergo transformation through extensive healing, who are interested in furthering their personal and spiritual growth and redefining their role in society, and who are ready to step into their power. This program is customized for the woman who feels that she is receiving her soul call prompting her to discover who she really is and who she came here to be.

Testimonial from HUGS participants:

After the first meeting I realized that my life and all its afflictions came along for the ride… We haven’t event finished our classes yet and I can say, whole heartedly, Kathleen has given me the tools to configure MY life- the way I presently need it. She gave me the tools to endure through, accept my life for the good & bad, and seek my own happiness…. Not because she said so- but because she made me realize I am worth finding peace within my self.
– love from a growing learner of HUGS for Harmony,

Lindsay M.P.- Bethany Beach, DE

Through Kathleen’s HUGS program I found a safe place to discover who I want to be without the fear and guilt that have driven me for years. I learned more about myself than I had expected and was provided useful tools that helped me see myself and others differently. Participation in this program was key to my progress and I am thankful to Kathleen for her guidance and unconditional encouragement.

-Nancy H.-Lewes, DE



SEPTEMBER 8-10, 2017




Preparation for the retreat:  

Registered participants will receive information about what to bring and what to expect prior to the retreat.

Closed Facebook page:

HUGS for Harmony retreat closed group Facebook page will also be created upon completion of part one, “Healing”, where you can continue to receive group support from other participants in the program.  Kathleen will do periodic “check in’s” as well as provide direction in the group.


You will be joining other women of like mind on the program retreat and have fun engaging in experiential learning activities to help deepen loving connections with Self, others and the Universe. Experiential solo and FUN, empowering group activities to promote further healing and empowerment will take place.



Kathleen McGinley, a holistic wellness life coach and certified ‘Earth Magic’ practitioner, will conduct safe and gentle activities for deepening relationships with self, others and the Universe. Participants will discover a new way of seeing and a new way of being that will allow for the purification of negative thinking and fear.

You will:

  • Experience fun, group activities that lead to enhanced self-awareness
  • Identify the illusions that keep you from your true potential
  • Engage in rituals and ceremonies in nature for releasing blocks
  • Discover how the group experience catapults your transformation
  • Experience a new consciousness when out in nature
  • Relax and connect in the beautiful parks and beaches with its abundant wildlife

Price includes the program retreat from Friday, September 8 from 6:30 pm-9 pm, Saturday, 9 am-4 pm, and Sunday September 10, 9 am-4:00 pm, EST.  It does not include transportation, accommodations or meals.

Although we will be meeting initially at the Unity Spiritual Center , 98 Rudder Road, Millsboro, DE (Long Neck)   many of the activities will take place outside in nature (on the beach or in the park in Lewes, DE), weather permitting.


Cost:  ONLY $147!  Deadline to register is August 28!



Here’s what women are saying about Kathleen’s programs!

Thank you for this most amazing journey.  I will carry it with me forever in my heart!  -Shana S., Arizona

Kathleen embodies the Gifted Guide. Her loving presence, her deep wisdom, and her gentle direction allowed me to grow, expand, and change. My experience with Kathleen gave me tools for personal growth, perspective to examine my story, and insights into love that has blown me away. Thank you!  -Allison James, Author, Piercing the Sky, Colorado

Of all the women’s retreats I’ve been fortunate enough to attend, the retreat you facilitated was by far the best. How wonderful to have been with such a powerful group of women. I felt ”heart-connected” to each woman at the retreat through our powerful sharing, laughter, activities and sitting by the fire just to “be”. Thank you for an experience that I know I will never forget. I can’t wait until we have another one! Many blessings and thank you for hosting such an awesome event!–Karen G. Whitehall, PA

Payment can be made via Paypal or check made payable to:

Kathleen McGinley

18690 Golden Sunrise Pl

Lewes, DE 19958

*Please note “HUGS September retreat” on the memo line on check and click here for registration form. 


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Note the Incredible Value

3 day transformational program retreat at the beach!

Closed Facebook group page for support and encouragement

for only $147!


Click here NOW to register!  LIMITED PARTICIPANTS!

Cancellation policy:  No refunds will be made after August 28. 

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This program is offered for commuters as well as those who are long distance.

As mentioned, accommodations and meals are not provided which will allow for participants to choose based on their budget and preferences. Feel free to contact Kathleen for suggestions on recommended facilities for pricing and locations.

When making hotel arrangements, check their cancellation policy in case the program cancels due to unforeseen circumstances.

Closest Accommodation to Unity Spiritual Center:

Sea Esta Motel 2 in Long Neck, DE.  Budget priced, walking distance to shopping center, casual restaurants and the Unity Spiritual Center

Suggestions for those who want to stay near the Lewes beach: 

The Inn at Canal Square in Lewes, DE. 25 minutes to Unity Spiritual Center but close to the Lewes Beach.

Hotel Rodney in Lewes, DE 25 minutes to Unity Spiritual Center and located in downtown Lewes.

Suggestion for those who want to stay in Rehoboth Beach area:

The Avenue Inn and Spa in Rehoboth Beach,  25 minutes to Unity Spiritual Center, and walking distance to the beach.

***These are only suggestions that give you an idea as to the distance to Unity.  However, we will be do activities at the beach as well as at a park. There are many more hotels and B & B’s to choose from.


“Invest in yourself…and discover that you are MORE than you think you are…”



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