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Wednesday Wisdom: Council Fire 1/31/2018

Wednesday Wisdom Do you have a decision to make? The Sacred Path Card that was pulled for this week’s “Wednesday Wisdom” is the “Council Fire” card. The Native Americans would call a Council Fire when a decision needed to be made that would affect the whole Tribe.  In order to be on the Council, you had to prove you were worthy by

Wednesday Wisdom: Standing People 1/24/2018

Wednesday Wisdom Trees…Our Allies this Week!   This week’s Sacred Path card that was selected for Wednesday Wisdom is the Standing People card.  It is a time to go deeper… The Standing People are the trees, referred by the Native Americans as our Sisters and Brothers.  They give oxygen, shelter, medicines, materials and other things that provide for the needs of others. Each

Wednesday Wisdom: Give Away Ceremony 1/17/2018

Wednesday Wisdom   What are you willing to release?   The Sacred Path Card that was chosen for this week’s “Wednesday Wisdom” is the Give-Away Ceremony card. This is a Native American ritual that is a form of sharing by giving away useful or loved possessions.  It teaches non-attachment without regret. The Native Americans understand that when one shares all that one has to

Wednesday Wisdom: Stone People 1/3/2018

Wednesday Wisdom The oldest children of the Earth… This week’s Sacred Path card that was pulled for Wednesday Wisdom is the “Stone People” card. The stones carry the records of all the ages.  By choosing this card, we are being told that a new understanding is coming our way. They will be our allies this week so it is important to have an open

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