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Wednesday Wisdom: North Shield 7/26/2017

Message from Machi Wisdom Coming your Way… Today’s Sacred Path Card, “North Shield,” is the place of our Ancestors and is about wisdom and gratitude…This card is a confirmation that you have learned many lessons that should be acknowledged in gratitude. It also tells us that more wisdom is coming, providing you are open to three things: 1) listening to Mother Earth,

Wednesday Wisdom: Painted Face 7/19/2017

Message from Machi Express Yourself! The Sacred Path Card that was selected for this week’s Wednesday Wisdom is the “Painted Face” card.  This card is about self-expression. It’s a week to use your creativity and talents to express yourself.  What is it that you need to show or tell others?  Why aren’t you?  Tackle any fears you may have about what other people think.

Wednesday Wisdom: Dreamtime 7/5/2017

Message from Machi Pay attention this week! The Sacred Path Card that was pulled for Wednesday Wisdom is the Dreamtime Card. This is telling us that we are receiving messages from the parallel Universe and we are being asked to see with unlimited vision. There are sleeptime dreams and waking dreams.  The waking dreams are out-of-body Journeys when you are aware

Let Freedom Ring!

Happy Independence Day! LET FREEDOM RING! Join in for ONE MINUTE with others around the country as we engage in a conscious activity by taking time to envision a future where we unite as a human family with leaders who embrace equality and help preserve our liberties guaranteed by the United States Constitution. It doesn’t matter what

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