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Wednesday Wisdom: The Great Smoking Mirror 2/22/2017

Message from Machi Reflections… The Sacred Path Card that was chosen for this week’s “Wednesday Wisdom” is the “Great Smoking Mirror” card.  This is a very powerful lesson, one that is difficult for most people to learn. The Great Smoking Mirror’s message is that you need to look at yourself and see the illusion of

Wednesday Wisdom: Arrow 2/15/2017

Message from Machi Arrow: Truth as Protection This week’s Sacred Path Card that was pulled for Wednesday Wisdom is the Arrow card. Warriors are represented by the arrow, as it is straight and true.  To become part of the Warrior Clan required courage, truth, common sense, integrity, physical prowess, and connection to spirit. The Arrow’s

The Mystery of Death

The Mystery of Death Death’s Perfect Punctuation Mark Death is such a mystery.  When dealing with the death of a loved one, it is a reminder that we, too, will die some day.  It makes us wonder how we will die and when. Will it be sudden and unexpected?  Or will we die a slow,

Wednesday Wisdom: Power Place 2/1/2017

Message from Machi Find your Power Place… This week’s Sacred Path Card that was chosen for Wednesday Wisdom is the “Power Place” card. Finding a place in nature that speaks to you where you can seek solace or connection with Great Mystery is called for at this time. Mother Earth is so diverse and energetically

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