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Wednesday Wisdom: North Shield 10/26/2016

Message from Machi Wisdom Coming your Way… Today’s Sacred Path Card, “North Shield,” is the place of our Ancestors and is about wisdom and gratitude… This card is a confirmation that you have learned many lessons that should be acknowledged in gratitude. It also tells us that more wisdom is coming, providing you are open to

Is this election making you sick?

Is this election making you sick? Here are 4 things to ponder…   Are you feeling “sick” about this election? Normally, I do not get into politics but this election is causing a lot of unhealthy emotions. Here’s what we need to look at… First of all, we have more in common with each other

Wednesday Wisdom: Kokopelli 10/19/2016

Message from Machi Fertility… The Sacred Path Card that was pulled for this week is Kokopelli.  Kokopelli was a Toltec who played the Indian flute which was said to bring fertility to the land and the People. His body on the Kachina dolls is shown with an erection to mark his maleness and fertility. It

Wednesday Wisdom: Heyokah! 10/12/2016

Message from Machi Are you taking life too seriously? This week’s Sacred Path Card reading for Wednesday Wisdom is the “Heyokah” card.  Heyokah is a contrary clown who holds total wisdom.  He is a Sacred Trickster and teaches one to learn through laughter.  He makes one think on her own and tests one’s beliefs from the

Wednesday Wisdom: Sweat Lodge 10/5/2016

Message from Machi What needs to be purified? This week’s Sacred Path card that was pulled for Wednesday Wisdom is the “Sweat Lodge” card.  This card asks us to purify some aspect of our lives. Watch this video to help you determine what it is that you may need to cleanse! Remember, that once the

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