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Wednesday Wisdom: Victory! 5/25/16

Message from Machi This is going to be a great week!  You are being rewarded for staying on the Sacred Path… Watch this video and share my excitement as I pull this card!   Sacred Path Card:  Counting Coup Don’t forget to share your winnings with others! Love, Machi Source: Jamie Sams, author of Sacred Path

Wednesday Wisdom: Rites of Passage 5/18/2016

Message from Machi Change is coming this week!  Whatever the change that is occurring will shape your future! Don’t resist…It will benefit your growth in some manner.   Watch this video to receive your message from Machi for this week… Sacred Path Card:  Rites of Passage Remember…if you are unhappy with your life, create your

Wednesday Wisdom: Truth as Protection 5/11/16

Message from Machi Are you living according to your truth?  Protect yourself from uncomfortable situations by using the truth.  It doesn’t matter what others think of you.  You know the truth. It is also a time for self examination.  Are you associating with people who honor your path and truth? Ask yourself why you do,

Wednesday Wisdom: Peyote Ceremony 5/4/16

Message from Machi Sacred Path Card:  New Abilities What is holding you back?  This week’s card tells us to use the gift of self-examination like the water bird who sees his reflection in the pond…What lies beneath the surface?  Look deeply at the fears and know that you are never as limited as you believe

A New Beginning!

A New Beginning! What a great feeling!  The internal shift has occurred.  After a year-long process of moving to Delaware, dissolving my Pennsylvania business of Phoenix Adventures in Wellness, LLC, and taking care of matters with my ill father, I have finally stepped out of the Void and have committed to my New Beginning. I

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