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Wednesday Wisdom: Heyokah 2/24/16

Heyokah Learning through laughter and opposites…   This week’s Sacred Path Card reading for Wednesday Wisdom is the “Heyokah” card.  Heyokah is a contrary clown who holds total wisdom.  He is a Sacred Trickster and teaches one to learn through laughter.  He makes one think on her own and tests one’s beliefs from the past. All

Wednesday Wisdom: Storyteller 2/9/16

EXPANSION! It’s time to tell your story… This week’s Sacred Path card that was pulled for “Wednesday Wisdom” is the Storyteller card.  The Native Americans would tell stories so that the ancient teachings would travel through all the ages. The children of the future would learn lessons from the Storytellers and apply them to their own lives.

Wednesday Wisdom: Death and Rebirth 2/3/16

Shaman’s Death What do you need to let go of?… The Sacred Path Card that was pulled for this week’s Wednesday Wisdom is the “Shaman’s Death” card.  No one likes to hear the word, “death,” but it is rare that it is suggesting the end of existence on the physical plane. Most often, it refers

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