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Wednesday Wisdom: Advance! 10/28/15

WARBONNET It’s time to ADVANCE! The Sacred Path Card that was pulled for this week’s  “Wednesday Wisdom” is Warbonnet.  So…congratulations!  This card is telling you that you have earned the feathers of the Warbonneted Chief.Feathers are earned with past victories that have required you to have courage and strength. You have exhibited certain qualities and served as a

Wednesday Wisdom: Healing 10/21/15

MEDICINE BOWL What needs to be healed? This week’s Sacred Path Card that was pulled was the Medicine Bowl. This was a tool for healing, commonly used by Seers, Shamans, and Dreamers of Native America.  Often carved from wood or turtle shell, they are used in the healing arts or for grinding herbs or mixing cures.  

Wednesday Wisdom: Sacred Space 10/14/15

SACRED SPACE Are you honoring yourself? This week’s Sacred Path Card that was pulled for “Wednesday Wisdom” is Sacred Space. This is an important philosophy of the Native Americans that reminds us that everything has a space that deserves respect.  We all have our own territory and we need to respect the territory of others, as

Wednesday Wisdom: Rites of Passage 10/7/15

What change are you experiencing? The Sacred Path Card chosen for this week’s Wednesday Wisdom is “Rites of Passage.”  The Native Americans honored all changes that took place from birth until they passed on from life into the Spirit World.  They were different for each individual.  Examples of Rites of Passage include rituals for boys

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