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An amazing concept!

  I love this concept! Watch my video which describes a concept used by an African tribe that “brings you back home to your true identity.” A powerful tool…. Not only does this tribe use this tool used during one’s transitions in life, but if a crime or anti-social behavior is committed, the tribe will

Wednesday Wisdom: Stone People 5/27/15

The Oldest Children of the Earth… This week’s Sacred Path card that was pulled for Wednesday Wisdom is the “Stone People” card.  The stones carry the records of all the ages.  By choosing this card, we are being told that a new understanding is coming our way. They will be our allies this week so it is

Wednesday Wisdom: Drum 5/20/15

Have you lost your internal timing? This week’s Sacred Path card that was pulled is the DRUM card…This suggests that our rhythm is “off.”  This happens because we get so caught up with “doing” as opposed to “being.” We often keep pushing so hard, with the mindset that we have to work “hard and long”

Wednesday Wisdom: Truth as Protection 5/6/15

ARROW Ask yourself, “Why?” Native Americans saw the value of the Arrow in its true form. The Arrow was quick to protect in crisis. The ability to bend the bow without breaking and send the Arrow of Truth into the world was symbolic of the balanced male/female within each Brave. This Sacred Path card asks

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