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Wednesday Wisdom: Smoke Signals 3/25/15

SMOKE SIGNALS What are your intentions? This week’s Sacred Path Card that was pulled for “Wednesday Wisdom” is the Smoke Signals card.  It is the universal unspoken language of the Native Americans.  Whether it is the smoke rising from the Pipe that holds the prayers being sent to Great Mystery or the signals from a fire

Wednesday Wisdom: Standing People 3/18/15

STANDING PEOPLE Are you able to give without exhaustion? This week’s Sacred Path card that was selected for “Wednesday Wisdom” is Standing People.  The Standing People, the trees, are “givers” as they constantly provide for the needs of others.  Each tree has its own gift whether it is oxygen, fruit, nuts, and/or its ability to

Wednesday Wisdom: Shawl 3/11/15

Taking the Shawl It’s time to return home… The timing of the Shawl card couldn’t be better.  I know, that for me, this winter has created a feeling of “disconnect.” Unwilling, and sometimes unable, to go outside due to the freezing temperatures and piles of snow, has placed me in a temporary state of “I.”

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