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Wednesday Wisdom: Shaman’s Death 1/28/15

SHAMAN’S DEATH What do you need to let go of?   The Sacred Path Card that was pulled for this week’s Wednesday Wisdom is the “Shaman’s Death” card.  No one likes to hear the word, “death,” but it is rare that it is suggesting the end of existence on the physical plane.  Most often, it

All of That

To Finn… May this be a reminder to you of just how special you are. Love, Machi  

Wednesday Wisdom: Thunder-Beings 1/21/15

Thunder-Beings Where are you focusing your energy?   The Sacred Path Card  that was pulled for this week’s ‘Wednesday Wisdom’ is the “Thunder-Beings” card. Thunder-beings are considered the “love call” of the Sky Nation that give energy to the Earth Mother. The electric energies from the lightening re-energize the Earth Mother with male energy from Father

Wednesday Wisdom: Internal Timing 1/14/15

DRUM Is your internal timing off?  Today’s Sacred Path Card, Drum, indicates that we may be ‘out of sync’. Sometimes our desire to accomplish too much causes us to push so hard, we lose our rhythm and feel “out of sorts.” We can be overloaded with thoughts and emotions, resulting in a misalignment with the energy of

Wednesday Wisdom: Are you Listening? 1/7/15

Talking Stick     Ahhhhhh….a lesson in listening.  One of the hardest things for many of us to do is “listen.” Too often we are caught up in our heads that are buzzing with the same thoughts that we have 65,000 times a day. So even when other people are talking to us and expressing their

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