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Wednesday Wisdom: Gratitude! 11/26/14

GRATITUDE!     Today’s Sacred Path Card, “North Shield,” is the place of our Ancestors and is about wisdom and gratitude…And what a perfect reminder as we approach Thanksgiving! This card is a confirmation that you have learned many lessons that should be acknowledged in gratitude. It also tells us that more wisdom is coming,

Loving those Magic Moments

  I am sitting at my breakfast table, gazing out my large bay window and watching the birds assemble at the bird feeder in my backyard. It has become a daily morning routine, with me in my pajamas sipping my black coffee while reviewing my emails, writing blogs, and posting on Facebook. But this morning,

Wednesday Wisdom: Healing! 11/19/14

HEALING!   Today’s Sacred Path Card, “Medicine Bowl,” is telling us that healing is on the horizon!  Healing can take place in any aspect of health, which includes the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects. The good news is that, by pulling this card, you can be assured that it is happening. Healing takes place when

Wednesday Wisdom: Retreat! 11/12/14

RETREAT!     Today’s Sacred Path Card, “Moon Lodge,” is giving you permission to take a break!  Too often we get so caught up with the need to get everything done, as if there were no tomorrow,  that we keep going like the “Energizer Bunny”…But after awhile, we deplete our reserves.  This week’s ‘Wednesday Wisdom’ card

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